The Moore Industries website has been redesigned and the new site has been released to the public today at the same website address updated with a security certification.

The Design
Throughout the design and development process, we strove to keep the features our Reps and loyal customers most appreciate, such as an easy to use index of products, now on the PRODUCTS page. You will also find the same E-Help form; expanded SUPPORT, and CONTACT US sections; and a completely redesigned Download Center where visitors can easily find any product document or file that they need. The newly expanded  APPLICATIONS BY INDUSTRY section is available from the home page and the main menu on any page.

The Blog section has been renamed to NEWS, SUPPORT is set up in sections available from a new drop-down menu, and the  CONTACT US now has a new interactive Find Your Rep map to easily locate a rep or sales office, coupled with the familiar country and postal code Search Tool.
Product Catalog
The biggest change to the site is the new product CATALOG set up by product categories with individual pages for models of our most popular and newest products. Each product category includes a powerful product attribute-based search function to help visitors find the specific model of a product that they need. Each product page includes on-page product description, model attributes, and a link to each downloadable document or file including data sheet, manual, CAD files, software, and a link to the certifications index, as appropriate for each product. Plus, any visitor can now request a quote for most product models right on the model page.

Search Engine Visibility
All of these changes have been made with Search Engines clearly in mind. With product pages and individual models now available, our product-specific page count has increased by nearly a factor of 10, greatly multiplying our search results and potential ranking.  As the search engines crawl our site over the coming weeks and months, we should be easier and easier to find with the most popular search web sites